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Your plumbing system is an essential part of your daily life. When a problem occurs such as a clogged drain, a leaky fixture, or a burst pipe, it could easily disrupt your routine and even ruin your plans. The good news is, the plumbing experts from Precision Plumbing Company are always ready to help. Backed by over 20 years of plumbing knowledge, our plumbing company stands out because of our prompt response times, accurate diagnoses, and cost-effective solutions. Our Rock Hill drain cleaning & plumbers are also easy to talk to. Ask anything about your plumbing and we’ll be happy to explain things to you so you can have complete peace of mind.

Get back quickly to your routine with Precision Plumbing Company. Call us now for an appointment at (803) 310-6262.

When to Call a Professional Plumber?

As seasoned plumbers in Fort Mill, SC, we know that many homeowners tend to ignore plumbing issues believing that they are nothing but minor problems. However, what may seem minor may just be indications of bigger problems down the line.

We Highly Recommend You Call Us If You Notice Any of the Following:

  • Low water pressure
  • Clogged drains
  • Strange smells or cloudy water coming from your taps
  • Continuous leaks from any fixture
  • Hearing water running inside the walls
  • Any issues with your plumbing fixtures

Comprehensive Plumbing Solutions

Our expert plumbers in Fort Mill, SC and Rock Hill handle plumbing issues of all sizes, including working with you on construction and remodeling projects. We always provide a thorough inspection first to determine the source of the problem before we give you options for repair. Rest assured that we always seek the safest and most cost-effective solution so you can have the issues fixed right away and not spend more time worrying about a sudden increase in your water bill.

Available for All Your Plumbing Emergencies

There’s no telling when a plumbing problem might occur and when you might need our expert plumbers in Fort Mill, SC as well as Rock Hill. Your pipes may burst in the middle of the night. The toilet may get clogged while you have guests over. Your water heater may break down and need attention. When this happens, keep in mind that Precision Plumbing Company has emergency services available to help.

For a full list of our plumbing services in Rock Hill, Fort Mill, Charlotte, and the surrounding areas, please see the menu panel on this page and follow the links. You may also call us at (803) 310-6262 and we'll help you schedule an appointment.

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