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Ways to Save Water at Home

A piggy bank filled with water.

Do you ever think about how much water you use in a given day? From running the faucet in the morning while you brush your teeth to washing your hands multiple times throughout the day, we use a lot more water than we realize. What we also don’t realize is that a majority of this water goes to waste, which also increases our monthly water bill.

If your water bill has been unexpectedly high lately or you simply want to have a better impact on the environment, here are some ways you can save water at home. And don’t worry - drinking less water is not the answer.

Turn the Faucet Off While You Brush Your Teeth

When we brush our teeth, it can become a habit to leave the faucet running, but are you really using that running water while a toothbrush is in your mouth? No, you’re probably not. It might sound like the smallest change, but turning the faucet off for that minute or two while brushing can really make a difference in water saved.

Did you know that in 20 seconds of your faucet being turned on, a quarter of a gallon of water can go to waste? Shutting the faucet off for a few minutes while brushing your teeth can do a lot more than you think.

Take Shorter Showers

Showering daily for some people is necessary, and while we’re not telling you to shower less often, we can suggest trying to take shorter showers. Most people spend between 7-10 minutes in the shower each day, which can use over 15 gallons of water. Try cutting your showers down by 2-3 minutes and see if you notice a difference in your water bill. You could also try washing your hair less frequently, which would cut down on your shower time significantly. Plus, according to beauty experts, washing your hair everyday strips it of its natural hydration.

Maximize the Use of Your Dishwasher

One of the biggest ways to save water in your household is by only running the dishwasher when it’s fully loaded. We understand that larger households naturally use more dishes with the amount of people using them daily, but it’s important to only run the dishwasher when you have a full load of dishes to wash.

Some households also have designated days they run the dishwasher each week. For example, a family might choose to only run their dishwasher on Wednesdays and Sundays each week because it works for their schedules and they know there will be a full load to wash.

Use the “Quick Wash” Feature on Your Washing Machine

Clothing items like socks, underwear, and gym clothes should always be washed after each use in a full washing cycle, but clothes that do not collect any sweat or dirt don’t necessarily need to be washed after every use. Take advantage of the quick wash setting on your washing machine, too. Clothes like bulkier sweaters or pants that haven’t gotten visibly dirty will be just fine in a shorter washing cycle.

Pro tip: The permanent press feature uses both warm and cold water with an extra rinse. Try to avoid using this setting when you can.

Keep a Pitcher of Water in the Fridge

If you find yourself running the tap to get drinking water throughout the day, you also probably stand there waiting for the water to get cold. Keep a pitcher of water in the fridge at all times, that way you only have to fill it up every so often and you’ll always have cold water on hand.

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