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Expansion News: Precision Adds Heating & Air to Plumbing Services

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Expansion News: Precision Adds Heating & Air to Plumbing Services

E.J. Jessurun Brings 15 Years of HVAC Experience to the Precision Team

Who do you call when the sink’s clogged? When the furnace is running on fumes? Or the A/C has lost that frigid feeling.

Now, one number does it all.

After almost two decades of serving the plumbing needs across York County, South Carolina, Precision Plumbing Pro has expanded into the HVAC world.

Sticklers for top-notch quality at an honest price, Precision Plumbing is bringing the same brand of workmanship to its heating and air division.

“The majority of our customers trust us—they feel comfortable calling us,” Precision owner Ben Howell said. “And they know we’ll do what’s best for them.”

Introducing Precision Plumbing, Heating and Air—a new twist on a trusted name you’ve seen on trucks roaming the streets of York County for years.

From Rock Hill and Fort Mill to York, Clover, Lake Wylie and beyond, the vision behind Precision’s mission remains the same.

“The main focus is treating people fair,” Ben said. “My plans are to stay customer-focused. And let it grow as the customers allow it to grow.

“We don’t want to just push growth and leave our loyal customers behind.”

Meet the Newest Precision Pro

EJ Jessurun is old-school about doing things the right way.

Growing up just outside of Rock Hill, South Carolina in the McConnells area, EJ takes the responsibility of looking at someone’s HVAC problem seriously.

After all, this is his community. These are his neighbors.

“I love staying local,” said the York High School graduate with more than 15 years of HVAC experience. “I grew up here. My family is from here. I try to do what’s right—how I would want people to treat me.”

Finding a company like Precision, which shared the same customer-first mindset, was critical to convince EJ to join the team. But hearing how Precision operates—with integrity as a hallmark of their business practice—made it an easy decision to come on board.

And the feeling was mutual.

“After an initial couple of meetings, we were seeing eye to eye on customer service,” Ben said. “Whether or not we’re making any money or not, are we taking the best care of our customer?”

So, when someone’s air conditioning is out on a blistering 95-degree scorcher—or their heater decides to fold up shop in the dead of winter—EJ knows it’s “go time.”

“They’re 100 percent putting their trust in you,” he said. “I’m not a salesman. I’m not going to try to sell you something every time. I’m a technician. I’m a fixer.”

And in a disposable world where it’s easier to push an expensive replacement over a simple repair, EJ knows that Precision Plumbing, Heating and Air can set itself apart in the HVAC industry.

“Skilled labor is dying,” he said. “Nobody wants to work anymore. It’s hard work. They want an easy dollar to go in these houses and sell this stuff. People can say they’re going to do what’s best for the customer, but do they really?

EJ quickly learned how honesty in the HVAC business is always the best policy.

“If you do that,” he said, “you’ve got a customer for life.”

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